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Nadirah's Art Scholarship Fund

Nadirah was a uniquely gifted and prolific artist, seldom to be found without a sketchbook or iPad. She enrolled in all of the art classes offered at SJO and helped create the backdrops for the Drama productions. Unfortunately, she leaves a mural she was working to complete with her art teacher Mr. Beccue, half finished in the commons. Nadirah was a talented technical artist as well as purely creative and imaginative. Her family would love the opportunity to leave a scholarship in her name to help other artists like herself find the experience or supplies they need. Nadirah was open and embracing of people of all backgrounds and thought they should be given avenues in which to be heard. Artistic creation has always been one such avenue.

How to Donate to the Fund:

  • Online: Click on the blue "Donate" button below to donate using PayPal.
  • Mail: Send in a check made out to "Nadirah's Art Scholarship Fund" to:
    Gifford State Bank
    107 W. Warren St.
    P.O. Box 140
    St. Joseph, IL 61873
  • In Person: Stop by the St. Joseph Branch to make a deposit to Nadirah's Art Scholarship Fund account.