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Ag Services

Ag Lending

Farm Production Loans, Operating Loans and Lines of Credit are available for seasonal or cyclical production purposes. Funds are advanced for the payment of operating expenses during the course of the growing season. The loan is paid from the sale proceeds of the commodity produced. For your convenience, the funds can be deposited directly into your GSB checking account.

Machinery and Equipment Loans

We offer loans to purchase the farm machinery, equipment and vehicles needed to operate your farm business. The terms range from one to five years. Our loan officers will work to structure your payment schedule to fit your specific needs.

Real Estate Loans

We offer long-term financing for purchases of farmland, building structures, and homes on your property. We will structure your real estate loan to match the cash flow of your farm operation. Loan prepayments are allowed without penalty.

Federal and State Government Programs

We are proficient with both the federal and state government programs that are available. After reviewing your specific situation, we will recommend the option that is right for your needs, and help you work through the entire process.

Ag Leasing

We offer competitive leasing options to fit your specific needs. Leasing is flexible, practical and cost effective. The specifics of your farm operation - cash flow, equipment needs, and tax situation - will help us define the terms of your lease.

We offer Equipment and Building Leases. With an Equipment Lease, the term is shorter than the expected useful life of the equipment. Rental payments do not cover the equipment cost for the lessor during the initial lease term. This type of lease is popular for high-tech equipment that could become obsolete.

With a Building Lease, the term is longer, nearly covering the useful life of the equipment. Rental payments tend to be lower because of longer terms and less residual risk.

  • Tractors
  • Combines
  • Implements
  • Trucks
  • Grain Bins and Handling Equipment
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Feed Mills
  • Fertilizer Equipment
  • Computer Systems

Ag Staff

Ag Lending & Leasing Staff

Andy Buhr
NMLS ID 756731

Andy Cler

Andy Cler
NMLS ID 1336375

Ag Support Staff

Leslie Lawson

Leslie Lawson
NMLS ID 1336375

Crop Insurance

Crop insurance provides farmers the opportunity to effectively and efficiently manage their risk in the field. Planting a crop each year requires a significant investment. Weather and volatile markets make it difficult to find peace of mind during the growing season. We are here to help ensure your investment is properly protected. Our agency offers the following risk management tools:

  • Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (Revenue and Yield Protections Plans)
  • Crop-Hail Insurance
  • Named Peril Crop Insurance (Private product offerings may vary from year to year)

We provide each customer a complimentary map booklet every year. This booklet is helpful when recording planting dates, chemical applications, and other important notes for each field. Wall maps and additional map booklets are always available upon request. Our goal is to make the data collection and reporting process as simple as possible.

Key Deadlines

Crop insurance has multiple deadlines throughout the year. Please see the important dates to remember below.

Corn & Soybeans
March 15: Sales Closing Date
April 5: Early Planting Date- Corn (County Specific)
April 10: Early Planting Date- Soybeans (County Specific)
April 29: Production Reporting Deadline
June 5: Final Planting Date- Corn
June 20: Final Planting Date- Soybeans
July 15: Acreage Reporting Deadline
September 30: Premium Due
December 10: End of Insurance Coverage

July 31: Premium Due
September 30: Sales Closing Date
October 20: Final Planting Date (County Specific)
November 14: Production Reporting Deadline
December 15: Acreage Reporting Deadline

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