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Gifford State Bank Website

About Us

Mission Statement

The Gifford State Bank is committed to the idea that a community bank has the responsibility to be the business leader of the communities it serves. We are dedicated to exploring innovative financial services necessary to support the strong and growing Agricultural business sector. The Gifford State Bank will continuously strive to utilize our human resources, technological expertise, and financial knowledge to provide a leading edge level of products and services to our customers.

Gifford Branch Building
St. Joseph Branch Building
Thomasboro Branch Building
Potomac Branch Building

Staff Directory

Our Board

Eugene Schmidt portrait

Eugene Schmidt,
Chairman of the Board

Mildred Roseman portrait

Mildred Roseman,

Paul Ellinger portrait

Paul Ellinger,

E.C. Gupton portrait

E.C. Gupton,

Dwight Raab

Dwight Raab,

Bill Mulvaney

Bill Mulvaney,

Teresa Gabel portrait

Teresa Gabel,

Tony McLain portrait

Tony McLain,
President & CEO



Tony McLain portrait

Tony McLain,
President & CEO


Ag Lending

Andy Buhr portrait

Andy Buhr,
Vice-President of Ag/Commercial Lending

Andy Cler portrait

Andy Cler,
Ag/Business Lender


Insurance Services

Justin Rademacher portrait

Justin Rademacher,
Crop Insurance Specialist


Ag Loan Support

Leslie Lawson portrait

Leslie Lawson,
Customer Care Ag Lending Specialist

Ag Staff - group photo

Commercial Lending

Alex Vermillion

Alex Vermillion,
Commercial Lender


Retail Lending

Cory Acton portrait

Cory Acton,
Vice President of Lending

Miranda Wright portrait

Miranda Wright,
Retail Loan Officer

Sarah Bensyl portrait

Sarah Bensyl,
Retail Loan Officer


Retail Lending Support

Whitney Cleveland portrait

Whitney Cleveland,
Customer Care Lending Specialist

Sadie Adkins portrait

Sadie Adkins,
Customer Care Lending Specialist


Operations Services

Kendra Rademacher portrait

Kendra Rademacher,
Customer Care Operations Supervisor

Heather McCall portrait

Heather McCall,
Customer Care Operations Specialist, Assistant BSA, & AML Officer

Haley Clark portrait

Haley Clark,
Customer Care Operations Specialist

Dezarae Dowers portrait

Dezarae Dowers,
Customer Care Operations Specialist


Financial Admin

Kate Silver portrait

Kate Ingrum,
Vice President of Operations

Logan Hesterberg portrait

Logan Hesterberg,
Financial/Human Resources Officer


Information Tech

Garrett Goodrum portrait

Garrett Goodrum,
IT/IS Manager & Security Officer

Stacey Huls portrait

Stacey Huls,
Marketing Director


Risk Management

Merri Voigt portrait

Merri Voigt,
Chief Risk Officer

Heather Johnson portrait

Heather Johnson,
Compliance, BSA/AML, CIP CRA, & Assistant Security Officer

Brandi Burnett portrait

Brandi Burnett,
Loan Review Specialist

Michelle Carlson portrait

Michelle Carlson,
Assistant BSA Officer/Document Imaging/Deposit & Loan Review Specialist


Retail Deposit Services

Kevin Kellogg portrait

Kevin Kellogg,
Assistant Vice President of Deposit Services

Jessica Marty portrait

Jessica Marty,
Customer Care Retail Specialist/Customer Care Training Coordinator

Beth McCall portrait

Beth McCall,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Betty Lewis portrait

Betty Lewis,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Carol Esteppe portrait

Carol Esteppe,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Joleen Collins portrait

Joleen Collins,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Rachel Timm portrait

Rachel Timm,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Tammy Dodd portrait

Tammy Dodd,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Paige Rogers portrait

Paige Rogers,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Lexi portrait

Lexi Seggebruch,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Rachel portrait

Rachel Ballard,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Ashlee portrait

Ashlee Hunt,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Michelle portrait

Michelle Showalter,
Customer Care Retail Specialist

Rachel portrait

Madisyn Deck,
Customer Care Retail Specialist